With her fascination of the music of Osvaldo Pugliese choreographer Neel Verdoorn takes the Argentine dance as the basis for a performance in which she plays with the style characteristics of the tango in the modern dance idiom.

Hasta el Último Tren (Until the last train) is a further development of the performance Mannen van de Tango of the Internationaal Danstheater. Tango music is steeped with emotion, the shimmering of attraction and repulsion, melancholy, an emotional labyrinth. Become confused and get lost until you finally end up somewhere…

Hasta El Último Tren is part of the program TangoMania co-produced by the International Dance Theatre and Tango Extremo. Besides the choreography of Neel Verdoorn, the choreography HORA (also called ‘Mania’) by Corneliu Ganea is part of the program.

Premiere 12 March 2017
Choreography Neel Verdoorn
Dance Jeroen van Acker, Michael Sastrowitomo, Roisin Verheul, Rossana Caldarera, Teddy Bot, Dalton Jansen
Music Tanya Schaap/Ingeborg Cneut – (violin), Ben van den Dungen / Christof May – (soprano, saxophone – clarinet), Hans van de Maas / Gert Wantenaar – (accordion), Thomas Pol/Marijn van der Ven – (double bass), Rob van Kreeveld / Marc Bischoff – (piano)
Costume Ben Voorhaar / Karisma Costumes
Light design Ilona Brink