After the first collaboration in the performance Silent Songs, Neel Verdoorn, the Internationaal Danstheater and the Doelen Ensemble in Rotterdam are collaborating again in Hopper, a performance about the work of painter Edward Hopper.

Maarten van Veen, programme developer in De Doelen theatre, created the soundtrack: “Film director Wim Wenders turned to Hopper’s work for inspiration during the making of his film ‘Paris, Texas’ (1984). He juxtaposed stillness and moving images and introduced movement into static perspectives. Time appears to be stretched out. I find this same unique combination in the music of Philip Glass, Copland and Bernstein. Each Hopper painting has a story to tell, that seems to extend beyong the moment captured in the image. What came before, what happened next? Hopper’s work was also a protest against modern alienation. Just how much progress have we made today, in 2017?”

These questions are explored in the choreography of the Hopper piece. Still scenes, which are also slightly disturbing: modern man, represented as an isolated and melancholy creature. Realistic images which are emotional, active, dissonant and then suddenly become harmonic again. Hopper is a fascinating journey through music and dance, inspired by the work of one of the previous century’s most groundbreaking artists.

“Hopper gives a quiet, subdued picture of the inevitable loneliness of people that deserves to be seen.”

– theaterkrant.nl

Premiere 11 March 2018
Choreography Neel Verdoorn
Dance Jeroen van Acker, Lorenzo Capodieci, Francesca Peniquel
Musicians Maarten van Veen (piano), Ilse Eijsink (clarinet), Jellantsje de Vries (violin)
Music compositions of Leonard Bernstein, Samuel Barber, Meric Artac, Max Richter, Philip Glass, William Duckworth
Light- and stagedesign Pelle Herfst
Costumes Ben Voorhaar