Terra incognita

Terra Incognita

A duet for piano and body, on time and memory, and melancholy temperament, compressed into the present moment. Central to the duet is the instrument, the prepared piano.

In the duet Terra incognita choreographer Neel Verdoorn presents itself after about ten years for the first time as a dancer and works together with composer/pianist Albert Veenendaal, who was also involved in its first production in 1987.

In the composition soft harmonic sounds and powerful rhythms of percussion alternate. The movement language is characterized by the same cover, is bright and tight, but also earthy and theatrical.

Premiere 2010
Choreography and dance Neel Verdoorn
Composition and music Albert Veenendaal
Light and sound Peter Lemmens
Second eye Roos van Berkel
Photography Bas Mariën
Production Magda Klaasen