Workshops and academies


During the past years Neel Verdoorn has taught modern dance classes at different dance companies, studios and professional dance training programs in and outside of the Netherlands; Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel, Henny Jurriens Stichting, Codarts dansacademie Rotterdam, ArtEZ dansacademie Arnhem and the annual summer workshop at Budapast Tanzsinhaz.

As a independent choreographer and teacher she is very interested in creating choreography’s or teaching at companies and academies.

In her classes she focus on the dynamic relationship between space and the dancer as well as on dynamic alignment within the dancer’s body. Through the years she developed a movement vocabulary that consist the use of core support versus extended lines. Forming a technique that challenges the dancer in terms of grounding and simultaneously extending and spiralling through space. Neel is working  with the dancer on the awareness of the body, the  use of oppositions in the torso, free arm movements and articulated leg and feet work.

She is also works on differences in dynamics in the dancing, how to use ‘suspense’, the attack and the use of the element ‘off balance’.

Neel Verdoorn teaches at various academies and also makes it fairly regularly works with students.