If you forget me

If you forget me
If you forget me
If you forget me
If you forget me

In retrospect
All is unenduring
A week
Becomes a random incident
In a year of weeks
In a lifetime of years
That passes in a flash
When it comes to an end

If you forget me… is a dance piece in which three dancers attempt to come to terms with each other, and the time still left to them in a cycle of movements. The compostition Triple quartet by Steve Reich plays an important role in this performance. The rhythmic structures, fast, slow and fast gain, motifs and melodic lines succeed each other in the music. Passionately, the dancers attempt to arrest time and let the sounds reverberate. The music stands as a metaphor for life, in which time carries you away and makes you forget the transience of the world.

Premiere 25 January 2007
Choreography Neel Verdoorn
Dance Simone Geiger, Yanaika Holle, Andera Palombi
Music Steve Reich – Triple quartet
Costumes Ben Voorhaar
Lightdesign Bas Visser
Photography Robert Benschop